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The rate at which copy editors and proofreaders can work on a text depends on a number of things:

1. Type of service

If you are not comfortable writing in English or are used to writing in a different language, your text is likely to require fairly substantial editing (see 'language-editing' below). Similarly, an article for an academic journal will require far more advanced copy-editing than an article for a magazine.

As a rule of thumb, basic copy-editing is suitable for most non-technical texts (e.g. newspaper interviews, TV scripts, short stories, popular science articles) written by native speakers or authors highly proficient in English, whereas advanced copy-editing and language-editing are suitable for academic works, technical texts, as well as texts whose authors are not that used to writing in English.

2. Length

This is usually calculated as the number of words or number of key-strokes in a document, or as the number of pages processed per hour. At English Finish we calculate our estimates and fees on an hourly basis.

3. Topic

A text that requires factual checking will take a lot longer to edit than, e.g. a curriculum vitae or a short story. Examples of data that require factual checking are: specialist terminology, tables, references to bibliographic and other sources, technical details, historical dates etc.

4. Level of work needed

If you only want spelling mistakes and punctuation checked, the proofreader will correct just that: logical slip-ups, oversights and stylistic errors will not be taken into account. By contrast, what is called 'substantive copy-editing' may involve  rewriting parts of a text to improve clarity and style, or restructuring your material to improve flow and layout. Lighter copy-editing falls somewhere in between those two types of service.

Turnaround rates depend largely on
  • the length of the text
  • the complexity of a text: academic papers and technical documents, for instance, are far more time-consuming than TV scripts, short stories, or brochures
  • the author's grammar skills and overall proficiency in English

The rates in the table below are indicative. Our fees are calculated on the basis of electronic time sheets, not word count. This means that clients whose manuscripts require little work won't end up being charged as much as clients whose manuscripts demand far more work. We believe that this is a fairer system.

pointer Bespoke copy-editing

Name your budget and your priorities, and we'll tailor the level of copy-editing to your needs.

Tell us what is essential to you, or ask us to assess a sample of your text  free of charge  to identify any weaknesses that are critical to the quality of your work. If your budget is limited, we’ll make sure that we allocate our time to what matters most.

Light copy-editing 12501500 words per hour     
Medium copy-editing 7501250 words per hour     
250750 words per hour    
Language-editing 250750 words per hour    
On average 2000–2500 words per hour     
Scientific texts, technical texts or texts with large amounts of specialist terminology up to 2000 words per hour     
Depends on length, number of participants and structure.

We offer competitive rates, based on Sfep's recommended rates for freelancers. The current Sfep rates, where applicable, are noted in brackets next to our own rates for comparison. Our rates are calculated on an hourly basis and quoted in GBP ().

Please note that urgent requests carry a surcharge of at least 50%, depending on the text and the requested turnaround time. 
We only accept urgent requests when we can guarantee that we will meet your deadline.

Our minimum charge is
Service Our ratesSfep rates
Copy-editing (light) 25(29.10)
Language-editing 30
Proofreading 20(25)
Bibliographic research 20
Copywriting 30–40
Project management 35(36.20)
Minimum charge30
Workshopsvariesmore details

web address: www.englishfinish.co.uk e-mail address:  info@englishfinish.co.uk you can also contact us at:  englishfinish@gmail.com

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